Week 9: Possible Scenarios

Will we be so lucky to end up in Greenfield’s interpretation of “Green Plenty”?  After an entire book that introduced technology and the ways in which society is currently and could potentially deal with it, he finally introduced some possible outcomes.  The first possible outcome would blend “equal parts habitat and ecosystem” (Greenfield 289). In this scenario, society has worked out the best uses for bitcoin, digital fabrication, automation, machines, all with a blended focus on the environment.  However, Green Plenty has not found an end to capitalism.  Of all the scenarios, this seems the most favorable and possible the most possible (though nothing will happen exactly like we plan).

The rest of Greenfield’s possible scenarios get less and less ideal with the last one not even worthy of a name.  In reality, one notion rises above the rest.  We need to be more involved with, aware of, and critical to technology.  Society is not giving up their smart phone or fitness tracker anytime soon.  Additionally, it’s unclear in which ways society will accept digital fabrication, non-government currencies, automation, machine learning, etc.; however, it is clear that some of these technologies will prevail.

To me, the biggest win will be incorporating technologies that drastically reduce harm to the environment.  For example, if we move toward automated vehicles, we need to utilize more renewable energies sources than gas.  Perhaps they can come up with solar or wind powered vehicles.  Fixing the problem with exhaust fumes will be the first step in the right direction for living with our environment, not just on it.  Digital fabrication can help cut down on waste, pushing society to focus on sustainable and biodegradable products.

Again, the takeaway is understanding our relationship to technology and technology’s relationship with society. We need to stop being complacent with the latest trends and start questioning and pushing back to help direct the future.

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