Week 14: Books, Books, Books!

While I am far from a literature person, I appreciated this week’s readings for their historical value and contributions.  Stauffer’s comparison of the 10 different copies of An Old Sweet Heart of Minewas interesting because rarely do we compare, or even contemplate, the changes of a certain book throughout the years.  As a budding historian of sorts, this was very interesting to me because I enjoyed seeing the minute changes.

The Agrippa Files website was super cool.  Even though the content of that book was not of importance or particular interest to me, I was able to see the interesting way of curating this type of site.  I appreciated that they found and organized all sorts of different related types of content, which ranged from videos, simulations, emulations, and academic articles.  The archived section was especially neat because it contained such a vast array of materials from press releases to the original floppy disk code.

As a type of genre, the Agrippa Files, was of interest and could be one good model for my work in the history of rhetoric.  I would like to work toward creating online repositories of ancient and more research historical documents.  For example, I am particularly interested in WWII rhetoric.  When designing online collections many aspects of curating should be carefully thought through.  While I am not a library science person, I do believe sites like the Agrippa Files can serve as exemplars or models to emulate.  The ancient sense of imitation (from Dionysius, for example) advises to use imitation to examine models for their virtues and to identify failings to avoid.  In this sense, I would like to examine a number of these types of sites to determine what aspects make the sight strong (likely in several categories such as easy to navigate, easy to use, logically organized, etc.).

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